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Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust is proud to offer a full-service Trust Department.

We are here to help you conserve the wealth that you have acquired.  Numerous options are available to help you protect yourself and those that you love to have a sound and secure financial future.  The staff at F&M Trust Services wants to be your partner in the planning and execution of your financial plans.

What we offer:

  • A free meeting to help create a Certified Financial Plan which will help determine what your needs are for your present and future lifestyles.
  • Investment Management Accounts that gives you the benefit of full-time supervision of your securities.
  • Living Trusts are perfect to avoid probate and for the management of family funds, now and in the future.
  • Standby Trusts gives you Trust convenience and protection on a “ready when needed” basis.
  • Retirement Planning and IRA Rollovers will give you the opportunity to have tax deferral and careful investment management of your retirement capital.
  • Trusts for Children gives the next generation a solid financial foundation.
  • Special Needs Trusts are appropriate as a lifetime supplement for someone with a disability.
  • Charitable Trusts are fitting for philanthropic and family financial protection so that there are no conflicting objectives.
  • Setting up a Trust in your Will is a beneficial service which provides your loved ones with more than a simple bequest.
  • Estate Settlement services by having the right executor in place to handle your estate.
  • Professionally Managed Investment Accounts which gives you world class investment capabilities using outside investment managers.

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