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The F&M Bank & Trust School Banks program is the most successful youth financial literacy program in Iowa. F&M is pleased to be able to offer such an outstanding program to so many of our area youth. When developing and implementing the F&M Bank & Trust School Banks program, teaching the concept that saving money is “never too late, nor ever too early", was our main objective. As the program grew, the focus developed into a much deeper purpose. Introducing the idea of saving money to school children not only lets the kids watch their money grow but also teaches an important life skill…responsibility. Numerous statistics show the number of adults who actually save money on a regular basis is quite low. Learning this responsible act at an early age will literally pay off for the rest of the student’s life.

Teaching children to save money at any age is not just about banking. Teaching children to save is about building character, learning responsibility, developing skills and practicing discipline that can be applied to real life situations. The strength of the F&M Bank & Trust School Banks program, teaching financial skills and forming habits, will make “our kids” an asset in the communities in which we live and work.

As our School Banks program has thrived and grown one thing has remained the same…F&M Bank & Trust Kids Bank is a bank for kids, run by kids. This program has continued to grow with this philosophy in mind.

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Download: F&M Teen Bank Application

Our Story…

F&M Bank & Trust was the first bank in Burlington to introduce the Kids Bank program to students. Working in cooperation with the staff and PTO of North Hill Elementary, the inaugural opening of the Kids Bank took place in 1997. F&M Bank & Trust enthusiastically supported this phenomenal “learning by working” project and pursued the Kids Bank program ambitiously. The idea was innovative and had the potential of being an experience for students that would reap benefits long after their school years.

During fall of 2012, Notre Dame was the first middle and high school to join the F&M Teen Bank Program.  The F&M Teen Bank allows students to use technology with deposits, booking, and statements.  During the middle school years, staff members at F&M go into the classroom to educate the students about all things financial.  The added element of financial literacy helps our area youth make better and wiser financial decisions.

Participating Kids Bank Schools

North Hill Elementary School Kids Bank 1997

Notre Dame Catholic Elementary 1999

Perkins Elementary 1999 (School Closed)

Sunnyside Elementary 1999

West Burlington Elementary 2002 

Black Hawk Elementary 2005

Great River Christian School 2006

Corse Elementary 2006

Grimes Elementary 2012

Participating Teen Bank Schools

Notre Dame Middle & High 2012

Aldo Leopold Middle School Fall 2013

Edward Stone Middle School Fall 2013

West Burlington Middle School Fall 2014

West Burlington High School Fall 2015

Awards and Recognitions

1997 Iowa Bankers Association - Community Development Award "Summit Award"

2002 Iowa Bankers Association Excellence Award

2009 Iowa Bankers Association Community Betterment Award for Financial Literacy

2016 Iowa Bankers Association Newcomer Award - Teen Bank

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