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Mobile Deposit


Mobile Deposit at Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust gives you the ability to deposit funds into your account anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.

To use Mobile Deposit, you must be an Internet Banking and Mobile Banking user.  If you already have the app, just click here to enroll in Mobile Deposit.

If you need the Mobile Banking app, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the Google Play or App Store and search for the F&M Bank & Trust, Burlington IA App Download and install the app to your phone  (Data rates may apply)
  2. Your user name and password will be the same as your internet banking credentials
  3. We will activate the deposit function once your enrollment request is approved


To use Mobile Deposit you will follow a few simple steps:

  1. Click the F&M Bank & Trust App on your smartphone or tablet and log in with your secure password
  2. Select Deposit
  3. Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check (Check must be endorsed by payee and read For Deposit Only)
  4. Enter the amount of the check and select account for deposit
  5. Click Continue, review deposit and approve to submit

Your deposit will show it is in a pending status until approved by the bank.  You will also have the ability to look at a 90 day history of your deposits through your F&M Bank & Trust App.

Please review the terms and conditions for any fees and limitations that apply.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your important documents and valuables secure in our Safe Deposit Boxes. Renting a safe deposit box can give you a peace of mind knowing that precious family and business possessions are protected from fire, theft and natural disasters.


Notary Services

Notary Services and Medallion Stamp Guarantee are available at no charge to all F&M Bank & Trust clients.

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